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Hybrid Taste: Pungent & Citrusy Chemdawg Vape Oil Cartridge is a sharp hybrid with a pungent aroma to match. The strong hybrid is on the potent side and patients enjoy using it for a cerebral high and a full-body relief.

A clear cerebral high drives creativity while a stony, sleepy body high fights insomnia and relaxes the muscles. This strain has THC levels up to 19%, meaning it’s more potent than most.
It has a powerful spicy, plant-like taste and smells with a hint of diesel; the aroma alone can alert snoopy neighbors to even a carefully concealed pot grow.
Not surprisingly, Chemdawg Vape Oil Cartridge is used to produce Sour Diesel, one of the world’s most popular strains.
Little is known about Chemdawg’s cannabis strain history or genetics, though there are urban legends involving a Grateful Dead concert, a handful of seeds, and a grower named Chemdog. Best for anxiety and pain, this strain is also helpful with depression and ADHD, as well as migraines, arthritis, and PMS.
Dry mouth and dry eyes are possible when using this strain, while other side effects are less likely. Chemdawg is most popular on the West Coast, in Nevada, and in Colorado. It’s possible to find on the black market but doesn’t come around very often.


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